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                                                     Artist Statement


I Marvel in the natural beauty of life and nature that surrounds us. Untouched or altered by human hands, I marvel in the amazing intricacies of each detail that makes an animal unique unto itself.  

Nature at it is best is raw and vibrant in its essence. Living and breathing life into our experience and journey on natural earth.

 This is the passion I like to communicate in my paintings. With each brush stroke and in deliberate decisions I want to bring my paintings to life. Achieving this with greatest respect and awe for the heart of the animal kingdom and through their soulful eye’s.

I grew up in the Okanagan Valley and attended Fine art and animation in Vernon BC in the year 2000. I attended other art classes throughout my journey as an artist.

My medium of choice is Acrylic paint and sometimes watercolor and airbrushing.

 I like to create a layered textured appearance for my subjects. My style is often whimsical and free flowing, my paintings are animal portraits that I create from photographs and the study of the animal subject itself.

I work to capture detail and depth in my work, desiring to continue to be ever learning ever developing as an artist.

Painting fills my heart with joy and gratitude, I love to share this experience with others through my paintings as well as in teaching art classes.

I have learned that expressing myself through art you can find a fulfillment and deep contentment in your soul.

 Art is a celebration of life, intended by the artist to put the spectator in touch with the divine –

Joseph Plaskett, Canadian painter.

Tracy Thring

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