Not for sale commissioned only 48" by 60"


24" by 18" For sale

Aquatic friends

Sold-Prints only inquire

Home in a bottle
Baloon Puffer fish
hands off my starfish
Birds of a feather

15" by 24" For sale Inquire

Colors of the Savannah
Bear of the Northern Realms

36" by 24" For Sale Inquire

The Boss

Sold for a commissioned piece Inquire

The Thinker

36" by 24" For Sale Inquire

The Giant

Rendered in Acrylic 40" by 21" For Sale Inquire

Tiger Lily

Rendered in Acrylic 30" by 24" For Sale Inquire Credit for inspiration Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay

The Matriarch

Rendered in acrylic 20" by 20" For sale Inquire

Moonlight walk

For sale Inquire

The solitary hunter

Sold for prints Inquire


For sale Inquire