The amazing Heron

On consignment, Inquire

The determined spitrit of the Bison

$568.00 For sale Inquire

The Inquisitive spirit of the Chimp

Sold-$495.00 Inquire to have a commissioned piece


$825.00 3' by 6' For sale Inquire

The Individuality spirit of the Zebra

$450.00 28" by 22" For sale Inquire

Rose and Raven

Original sold prints available

The competative spirit of the Big Horn

$305.00 24" by 18" For sale Inquire

A fearless Spirit

$605.00 sold for prints inquire Image credit to Pixabay

The stronge will of the Eagle

$490.00 30" by 24" For Sale Inquire

Ninja Panda

Sold Rendered in Acrylic 18" by 24"

The Triplets

$605.00 Rendered in acrylic 36" by 24" For Sale Inquire Credit to RitaE for inspiration

The Boss

$840.00 Sold for prints Inquire or commissioned

A free Spirit

$605.00 36 in by 24in

The King

$505.00 Rendered in Acrylic 30" by 24" For Sale Inquire

The Bold spirit

$470.00 Rendered in Acrylic 30" by 40" For Sale Inquire

Mischief makers

$305.00 24" by 18" Rendered in Acrylic For Sale Inquire

The carefree spirit of the Sloth

$450.00 40" by 30" For sale Inquire

The Cunning spirit of the cougar

$568.00 36in by 48in


Sold commissioned Inquire